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School Council and Advisory Committee Handbook

School Site Council (SSC)

2016-2017 SSC Executive Board Members


Leticia Hernandez Chairperson
Adela Andrade Vice-Chairperson

Martha Ramos


Aissa Hernandez (Teacher) Member
Teresa Salasortiz Member

Carol Navarro

(School Personnel)

Armando Jimenez (Alternate) Member
Hosneara Khan Member
Cristina Durazo Member
Rosalba Manzanarez Member
Norma A. Velasco-Aceves Principal
Lorena Guerrero Facilitator


Purpose of SSC

A School Site Council shall be established at each school which participates in school-based program coordination. The council shall be composed of the principal and representatives of:  teachers selected by teachers at the school; other school personnel selected by other school personnel at the school; parents of pupils attending the school selected by such parents; and, in secondary schools, pupils selected by pupils attending the school.


At the elementary level the council shall be constituted to ensure parity between (a) the principal, classroom teachers and other school personnel; and (b) parents or other community members selected by parents.

Parent Involvement Policy