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Title I

2018-2019 Title I Executive Board Members/Comite Consejero del Titulo 1

Lary Gonzalez Chairperson
Maria Aquino Vice-Chairperson
Laura Mayoral Secretary
Leticia Hernandez DAC Representative
Consuelo Alvarado Alternate to DAC  
Ada Alvarenga Member
Lillian Gonzalez


Daisy Pocasangre Member
Edgar Alvarado Member
Rosa Soto Member
Mercedes Fernandez Member
Lorena Guerrero Facilitator

Purpose of Title I

The Title I Program is a federally funded aid program directed to schools where students need extra help to meet the standards set by the state.


The purpose of the Title I/Compensatory Education program is to meet the educational needs of economically disadvantaged students,and students in local institutions for neglected,or delinquent children. Participants include students who are at risk of failing academically, students receiving Special Education Services, and non public schools.


Compensatory Education Program funds supplemental services needed to raise the academic achievement of K-12 students to basic and advanced skills. Additional support may be provided through staff development, and health, and guidance services.


Parents who have children being served have the opportunity to participate in the design,and implementation of the program. Parents of children identified for the program must be notified at an annual meeting held by the school.